Use Case: How Loop Earplugs quickly detected a fulfilment app crash

Learn why the performance team at Loop Earplugs uses Revend, and how it has helped them save online revenue.

Use Case: How Loop Earplugs quickly detected a fulfilment app crash

About the customer

Loop Earplugs is an e-commerce company dedicated to revolutionising the way earplugs look, feel, and sound, allowing you to live life at your own volume. In 2022 alone, they sold over 2,5 million pairs of Loop earplugs worldwide. Winners of Deloitte Belgium's Technology Fast 50 Award 2022, they are one of Belgium's leading tech scale-ups.

N.B.: At Loop’s request, certain figures and numbers in this use case have been blurred.

Why Loop uses Revend 

In 2022, the Loop team installed Revend to help keep a close eye on the operational metrics of their Shopify-powered stores across the world. With years of strong growth on the horizon, Loop trusts Revend’s 24/7 monitoring to make sure no potential webshop issue is left undetected. 

Revend monitors operational KPI metrics in real-time (e.g. product views, clicks, add to carts, checkouts, purchases), and uses different AI models to determine when a deviation of these metrics indicates potential trouble before sending a notification via Slack, Teams, or email. 

The result? Loop’s Shopify team has a lot more peace of mind, and is able to solve issues faster. If something is going wrong that might affect their customers, Revend is the first to tell them.

A use case

On the 14th of April of 2023, at 11.30 AM, the team at Loop Earplugs received the following Revend message on Slack: 

Revend notification for Loop Earplugs
Revend notification received by Loop Earplugs' team

In an instant, the Loop Earplugs team learns the following things: 

  1. In the last hour, add to carts for their Australian webshop had been down 56% compared to the expected average, and 11% compared to the expected minimum. 
  2. This is costing them an estimated amount per minute (blurred at Loop Earplugs’ request).
  3. Add to carts had been below the expected minimum for over 15 minutes, and it is still going on. 
  4. Only this part of the funnel seems affected so far, so the damage is still contained.
  5. They can see every measuring point of the Revend model, to understand why a message was sent. (blurred at Loop Earplugs’ request).
  6. As with every Revend message, they can indicate whether this was an actual issue or a false positive after the fact to train their model. 

Alerted by Revend, the Loop team investigates the add to cart section of the webshop in question and discovers that, indeed, something is going wrong. 

Following a warning by Revend, an add to cart issue is spotted

After doing some digging, they found that the crash of a third party fulfilment app linked to their store was responsible for the issue. 

Within 20 minutes after receiving the Revend notification, Loop’s team was able to spot, identify, and fix the issue. 

The impact of real-time monitoring

Because they were promptly notified and given context in real-time, the day was saved a lot faster than in the pre-Revend days. The Loop team estimated that at least a few hours worth of revenue was saved due to Revend’s timely notification. 

On top of that they have more peace of mind knowing Revend automatically monitors every step of their customer journey around the clock. 

The cherry on top? Loop’s customers no longer risk getting frustrated with an issue when buying their favourite earplugs. Everybody wins 😊

A big thank you to team Loop Earplugs for being one of our early believers from day one, with special thanks to Ludo Diercxsens and Dimitri O for their feedback and support. If you are looking for hearing protection for work, life, or fun, look no further than the amazing range of products available on their website.  

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