How Loop Earplugs decreases business risk while growing at record-breaking speed.

Learn why the growth team at Loop Earplugs trusts Revend, and how it has enabled them to sustain incredible growth while moving fast and breaking things

How Loop Earplugs decreases business risk while growing at record-breaking speed.

1. About the customer

Loop Earplugs is a highly successful direct-to-consumer brand dedicated to revolutionising the way earplugs look, feel, and sound, allowing you to live life at your own volume. In 2023 alone, they sold over 3 million pairs of Loop earplugs worldwide via their online channels.

2. The challenge: growing fast without increasing risks

In the summer of 2022, the Loop Earplugs team experienced accelerating growth, and wanted to make sure nothing was left to chance. Their loyal fanbase of ‘Loopers’ expected nothing less than excellence, and new drops were quickly sold out every time.

To live up to these expectations, the team needed a surefire way to detect and quickly solve anything affecting their stores’ conversion rates.

Existing dashboards gave an after-the-fact view of their funnel, and the monitoring solutions they used required extensive configuration and maintenance to stay relevant each time they adjusted their online channels.

So they went looking for a new solution.

Revend is what they found. AI-powered real-time monitoring, specifically designed for eCommerce. It monitors product views, clicks, add to carts, checkouts, purchases, and conversion rates in real-time, and uses this to create different AI-models determining when a deviation from these metrics spells potential trouble.

After 10 minutes of onboarding, Revend started collecting data and building a unique model for each of Loop’s stores across the world. A few days later, the models were ready and team Loop could start finetuning them by interacting with alerts

A few days later, Revend started sending alerts whenever conversion-impacting episodes occurred in real-time.‍‍

This meant that, within days of using Revend, the Loop team could count on it as their new teammate, always watching their stores while they were hard at work rolling out their growth strategy. Revend’s integration into existing Slack communication channels accelerated their ability to huddle around potential problems spotted by their new AI-buddy

3. The results of adding Revend to the team

In the subsequent year, Loop’s DTC team grew revenue by 300%. They capitalised on the meteoric rise of their brand, fully assured that their results were not threatened by undetected glitches. Whenever something got between the hard work of their customer acquisition team, allocating hundreds of thousands in monthly ad spend, and earplugs getting in the hands of eager customers, Revend was the first to warn them about it.

With growth at breakneck speeds and no signs of slowing down, the D2C team at Loop says Revend is an invaluable partner in making sure both their current and past efforts are not wasted on glitches that cripple their conversion and go unchecked for hours or days.

4. An example

On the 7th of June of 2023, at 6.05 AM, the team at Loop Earplugs received the following Revend message on Slack:

In an instant, the Looper learned the following things:

  1. In the previous hour, checkouts for their Australia store had been down 99% compared to the expected average, and 98% compared to the expected minimum. Since no other metrics are mentioned, only this part of the funnel seems affected.
  2. Checkouts had slipped below the expected minimum for over 15 minutes, and counting.
  3. Revend’s checkout robot was unable to get all the way to the checkout, and got blocked at step 3.
  4. The figure shows the Revend model of what’s normal (light blue) compared to the real-time signal (dark blue), and clearly indicates that the situation is going from bad to worse.

Alerted by Revend, the Loop team investigated the checkout section of the online store in question and discovered that, indeed, something went wrong.

Customers are unable to place an order due to a shipping glitch.

After doing some digging, they discovered a broken 3PL integration which effectively stopped customers from completing their order. This is a risk any growing online store faces daily, as integrations with multiple tools are often necessary to provide optimal service.

Within 20 minutes after receiving the Revend notification, Loop’s team was able to spot, identify, and fix the issue. Team Loop is the hero, and Revend the trusty side-kick.

5. The impact of real-time monitoring

In the example above, because they were promptly notified and given context in real-time, the day was saved a lot faster than in the pre-Revend days. The Loop team estimated that at least a few hours worth of revenue was saved due to Revend’s timely notification.

‍The cherry on top? The team’s focus on growth and product improvements is unencumbered by worries about the impact that each change might have on their reputation or finances. Loop Earplugs’ relentless experimentation to provide a state-of-the-art customer journey is what makes their brand so unique, and Revend makes sure nothing stays broken too long whenever an experiment has unexpected consequences.

A big thank you to the team at Loop Earplugs for trusting Revend with their amazing online store, and for their contributions to creating this success story. A special thanks to Ludo Diercxsens and Dimitri O for their feedback and support. If you are looking for hearing protection for work, life, or fun, look no further than the amazing range of products available on Loop's website.

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