Sleep better at night thanks to Revend

Revend is the monitoring tool of choice for e-commerce operators and marketeers to ensure their peace of mind while they focus on serving their audience. 

Compatible with any e-commerce platform

Monitoring solutions designed for e-commerce

Track, detect, and contextualise issues and trends in your KPI metrics faster and more comfortably than ever before. Revend offers three key solutions in one tool.

24/7 Peace of mind

Revend watches your key KPIs so you do not have to. Like a canary in a coal mine, Revend's real-time monitoring alerts you as soon as things start going wrong, much faster than analytics tools.

Prioritisation of issues

Revend's revenue impact and deviation insights allow your team to separate isolated episodes affecting a few users from structural issues that affect your entire webshop. 

Management of incidents

Revend's alerts arrive directly into your Slack or Teams workspace, allowing your whole team to effectively discuss issues and huddle to solve them before they impact revenue.

Revend loves your tech stack

Revend integrates effortlessly with all the tools you use to run your business, batteries included.

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Works out of the box with any e-commerce platform
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Plugs into your existing tracking setup
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Sends alerts where your team already chats

Monitor smarter,
act faster

This is how Revend monitors your data in real-time.

Predictive AI modelling, tailored to your business

The smartest, most advanced way to look at your metrics in order to know what to do next.

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Automatic selection of the most performant AI model for your webshop based on your traffic, funnel dynamics, and size
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Dynamic alerts using AI-driven thresholds to track your KPIs   and detect significant deviations as soon as they occur
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Our AI models factor in seasonality and trends to keep up with your growth and to account for normal fluctuations

Zero-effort installation

Install Revend with a single script tag in your theme or Tag Manager

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No impact to your website speed and load times
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Compatible with your existing event tracking setup
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Works with any e-commerce platform (e.g. Shopify, Magento, Woocommerce, Shopware)

Carefully measure impact to decide your next step

Detecting KPI changes is half the battle. Revend also assists you to make sure you can assess impact and make the right call afterwards. 

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Easily compare historical performance to current trends
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Stop experiments that are doomed to fail before they affect your budgets, reputation, and bottom line
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Iterate faster to changes that make a positive impact on your revenue

Conversion Ratio monitoring

Closely track your conversion ratio with intervals as tight as every 5 minutes, monitored by AI

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Detect abrupt conversion ratio changes to quickly uncover costly mistakes in your ad spend and customer journey setup
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Discover the best times of day for conversion to focus your ad spend and customer-facing efforts
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Leverage peaks in conversion using real-time data to launch marketing campaigns

Discover the revenue impact of issues in real-time

Make both prioritising and reporting issues a lot more transparent with clear financial indicators.

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Calculate the revenue impact of issues based on your conversion ratios and average hourly basket sizes
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Help your team prioritise firefighting by focusing on the things that matter
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Trust our optional customised checkout robot to quickly detect whether your checkout is broken or not

Don’t just take our word for it. Hear from our users.

"When Revend detected sales declining fast in real-time, we discovered a faulty plugin blocking our customers from buying. Worth the investment!"
Aschwin Bauwens
Co-founder C&B Holdings
“It feels good knowing Revend is watching our store 24/7. It is an extra set of eyes providing backup, preventing me from being buried in dashboards.“
Niels Hoogenhout
Platform manager Newpharma
“Early detection of issues is key to ensure a great shopping experience. That is why Revend's is monitoring multiple Karo Pharma brands.“
Xaveer Rumbaut
Performance marketeer Karo Pharma
“Knowing when and how an issue impacts revenue is a key to long term growth. Revend offers a real-time view other tools lack.“
Dimitri O
Co-founder Loop Earplugs
“Growing a DTC brand means optimising hundreds of metrics. Revend keeps a watchful eye, ensuring we can sleep better at night.“
Vincent Jocquet
Co-founder The French Kiss Club
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Monitor, track, and analyse data faster than ever before so you never lose sleep over your webshop again.