Get your evenings and weekends back with Revend.

Installed in 5 minutes, Revend is a monitoring tool designed for tracking your eCommerce funnel KPIs. It learns what normal looks like for your shop, and notifies you when things look off.

Now you can go do something other than sit behind your screen refreshing dashboards all evening to check if everything works.

The next drink is on us. 🍹

Compatible with all major eCommerce platforms

Revend enables your team to stop the bleed faster.

This is how Revend gets your team ready for anything.

Real-time AI monitoring, watching your shop 24/7.

The smartest, most advanced way to keep an eye on your sales funnel without being stuck at your desk all evening.

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Track product page views, add to carts, checkout steps, completed purchases and conversion out of the box. Adding your own KPIs is easy.
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Revend automatically tunes the AI model and uses it to configure alerting thresholds every 5 minutes based on your data.
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Our AI models factor in seasonality, peaks, dips and trends to keep up with your growth, accounting for normal fluctuations.

Zero-effort installation in less than 5 minutes

Install Revend with a single script tag in your theme or Tag Manager. Batteries included.

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Near-zero impact to your website speed and load times.
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Use your existing eCommerce tracking setup - if it works with GA4 or Segment, it works with Revend.
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Works out of the box with all eCommerce platforms
(Shopify, Magento, Woocommerce, Shopware, Prestashop, etc)

Alerts that need no digging to get to the whole story.

Revend surfaces everything impacting your funnel in a single notification, right on Slack or Teams, no drill down required.

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Get the status of the whole funnel in a single message, including conversion rates on every alert.
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Discover if the deviation Revend found is an actual problem immediately by looking at the last 2 hours of data for the affected KPIs
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Easily train your model and snooze notifications right from Slack or Teams, no clicking away required.

Conversion rates for each step of the funnel, monitored.

Revend learns your usual conversion rates, and monitors them on real-time to make sure you never need to cry over spilled ad spend.

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Detect abrupt conversion ratio changes and stop experiments and ads that are bleeding you dry.
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Find out the best times of day to run your ads and campaigns for conversion.
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Leverage peaks in conversion using real-time data to launch new marketing campaigns.

Keep track of the impact of issues in real-time.

Like a taxi meter, but for your revenue. Revend pushes the whole team to feel the money pain until problems are solved.

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The revenue impact of each deviation is calculated based on your conversion ratios and sales figures.
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Our estimations help you and your team prioritise firefighting by focusing on the things that hurt the most first.
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To get priorities even sharper, use our optional custom checkout robot to quickly detect whether customers can still buy or not.

Revend loves your tech stack.

Revend integrates effortlessly with all the tools you use to run your business, batteries included.

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Works out of the box with all eCommerce platforms
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Plugs into your existing GA4 dataLayer or Segment tracking setup, no extra pixel required, no custom tracking required
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Sends alerts where your team already chats - Slack, Teams or Email
"When Revend detected sales declining fast in real-time, we discovered a faulty plugin blocking our customers from buying. Worth the investment!"
“Knowing when and how an issue impacts revenue is a key to long term growth. Revend offers a real-time view other tools lack.“
Dimitri O
Co-founder Loop Earplugs
“It feels good knowing Revend is watching our store 24/7. It is an extra set of eyes providing backup, preventing me from being buried in dashboards.“
Niels Hoogenhout
Platform manager Newpharma
“Early detection of issues is key to ensure a great shopping experience. That is why Revend's is monitoring multiple Karo Pharma brands.“
Xaveer Rumbaut
Performance marketeer Karo Pharma
“Growing a DTC brand means optimising hundreds of metrics. Revend keeps a watchful eye, ensuring we can sleep better at night.“
Vincent Jocquet
Co-founder The French Kiss Club
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Let’s see Revend in action!

Monitor, track, and analyse data faster than ever before so you never lose sleep over your webshop again.