How Karo Healthcare keeps full control over their online operations while expanding into new markets

Learn why the performance team at Remescar, a Karo Healthcare brand, trusts Revend help them catch operational glitches quickly.

How Karo Healthcare keeps full control over their online operations while expanding into new markets

About the customer

Karo Healthcare is headquartered in Stockholm and delivers smart choices for everyday healthcare. They own and commercialise branded, original over-the-counter products and prescription medicines across a range of everyday categories, including intimate health, skin health, digestive health, foot health, wellness, and specialty products.

Remescar is one of the Karo Healthcare brands, providing products in the domains of specialised corrective skincare and complementary nutritional supplements. 

The challenge: Growing strongly while staying in control

In the fall of 2022, the Remescar team installed Revend to help keep a close eye on the operational metrics of their Shopify-powered stores in both The Netherlands and Italy. With years of strong growth on the horizon powered by Karo Healthcare’s vision, Revend’s 24/7 monitoring was set up to make sure each glitch or deviation in metric is quickly detected. 

Revend monitors operational KPI metrics in real-time (e.g. product views, clicks, add to carts, checkouts, purchases), and uses different AI models to determine when a deviation of these metrics indicates potential trouble before sending a notification via Slack, Teams, or email. 

The result? Remescar’s performance team has more peace of mind, is able to solve issues faster, and has already saved thousands of euros in revenue. If something is going wrong that might affect their customers, Revend is the first to tell them. 

A use case

On the 18th of April of 2023, at 11.00 AM, the team at Remescar received the following Revend message on Slack: 

Revend notification received by Remescar's team

In an instant, the Remescar team learns the following things: 

  1. In the last hour, both checkouts and purchases for their Dutch webshop had been down 93% compared to the expected average, and 20% compared to the expected minimum. 
  2. Both checkouts and purchases have been below the expected minimum for nearly 60 minutes, and it is still going on. This was the 3rd notification so far, as Revend had also alerted at the 15 minute and 30 minute mark. 
  3. On top of that, Revend’s custom checkout robot has detected that step 3 of Remescar’s checkout is broken!
  4. Only this part of the funnel seems affected so far, so the issue is not affecting people just browsing the website.
  5. They can see every measuring point of the Revend model, to understand why a message was sent. 
  6. As with every Revend message, they can indicate whether this was an actual issue or a false positive after the fact to train their model.  

Alerted by Revend, Remescar’s team investigates the checkout section of the webshop in question and discovers that, indeed, the checkout is broken. 

An error message received when trying to check out on Remescar's store

After doing some digging, they found that a typo in the code of a button in the checkout was responsible for the issue. 

Within 30 minutes after acknowledging the Revend notification, Remescar’s team was able to spot, identify, and fix the issue. The financial impact? By their own calculations, they saved over €2,000 in online revenue. 

The impact of real-time monitoring

The figure below gives a numbered play-by-play of how events unfolded: 

A play-by-play of the incident spotted by Revend

  1. Revend is monitoring checkout (one of many tracked metrics). All is going well. A slow day, but within the acceptable bounds. 
  2. Checkouts start dropping, Revend is keeping a close eye.
  3. The drop persists for too long, Revend starts sending alerts via Slack and Teams. 
  4. The issue is found, fixed, and checkouts are back to normal. 

Because the team at Remescar was promptly notified and given context in real-time, the day was saved a lot faster than in the pre-Revend days. The Remescar team estimated that at least 4 hours worth of revenue, totalling close to €2,000 was saved due to Revend’s timely notification. 

On top of that they have more peace of mind knowing Revend automatically monitors every step of their customer journey around the clock. 

The cherry on top? Remescar’s customers no longer risk getting frustrated with an issue when buying their favourite corrective skincare products. Everybody wins 😊

A big thank you to team Karo and Remescar for being one of our pioneer users from day one, with a special mention to Xaveer Rumbaut for his feedback and support. If you are looking for medically tested and reliably skincare products, look no further than the amazing range of products available on their website.  

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