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A tightly-knit group of people dedicated to supporting e-commerce operators with outstanding monitoring solutions

Our Team

Meet the team that helps our customers stay ahead by adopting the best practices of operational data observability for e-commerce.  

Peter Wellens
CEO and Co-founder
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Alex Reis
CTO and Co-founder
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Bert Baeck
Co-founder and Investor
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Stijn Meganck
Data Scientist
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Leticia Meissner Santos
Product Designer
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Murilo Baptista
Software Engineer
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Victor Billy da Silva
Senior Software Engineer
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Nathan Bombana
Software Engineer
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Luan Zanatta
Software engineer
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Chief Happiness Officer
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Our culture

As part of Revend's team, you’ll never have to go it alone. Aside from being a group of proud geeks, these values are what ties us together. 

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Align Your Finances & Goals

Revend is a company that pays its people well, and supports them in reaching both their professional and personal goals. We know that if we take care of each other, we all do better as a result. 

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Growth & Development

Revend encourages you to keep learning and develop your expertise. There is a wealth of growth potential to develop your career in the long term, including the tools and resources to help you thrive.

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Trust & Amplification

In the hybrid working culture of today, trust is the most valuable resource. As such, at Revend we actively trust each other to be transparent, proactive, honest, and expect you to amplify this trust among your colleagues. In one sentence: we do what we say, and we say what we do. 

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Care Personally & Challenge Directly

You might recognise these values from the Radical Candor framework. At Revend, we aim to subscribe to them. We care for each other, and encourage exchanging direct feedback in order to enable personal growth. A potent combination!

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We're hiring!Join us on our journey.

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Web Designer
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Software engineer
We are looking for talented software engineers to join our team.
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We are looking for a talented freelance web designer to join the team to help design interactive websites.
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Our Story

Revend was founded for the same reason all ambitious companies are founded: to address a problem worth solving. 

In Revend's case, our CTO and co-founder Alex Reis was looking for a way to react quicker to operational issues that impacted the revenue of a number of e-commerce stores that he was responsible for. 

Some of these stores handled millions of euros per month, so it was important to know what was happening, when it was happening. Missed issues - or issues caught too late - often cost tens of thousands of euros in lost revenue and time spent digging through dashboards after the fact. 

Alex set out to find a solution on the market. However, existing monitoring tools either were very complex and time consuming to set up and maintain, or offered no real-time view of the operational KPIs that he wanted to track. Moreover, there were no tools that were able to take the specific characteristics of each e-commerce shop into account from day one (e.g. peak hours, seasonality, funnel conversions). 

Frustrated by the lack of solutions available, and motivated by the value that a properly adjusted tool could provide, Alex brought in former colleagues and fellow tech entrepreneurs Peter Wellens and Bert Baeck. Together, they got a first prototype of Revend into the hands of 20 e-commerce companies, gathered feedback to improve the product, and secured an investment to further grow the company that had emerged in the process. 

Today, Revend's team and user base are accelerating at a rapid pace, and our founders are more determined than ever to keep bringing solutions to market that support e-commerce operators to excel worldwide. 

So rest assured, and grow your e-commerce store with peace of mind, because Revend watches your numbers around the clock for you. 💙

Let’s see Revend in action!

Monitor, track, and analyse data faster than ever before so you never lose sleep over your webshop again.