Is your eCommerce business prepared?

To be prepared means detecting unexpected problems quickly and being able to react and fix before they cause damage.

If your checkout button was  covered by a popup on Black Friday, how long would it take for your team to notice and fix it?

What do you need  to prepare for?

Expect the unexpected. Here's a few examples:

How long does it take you to spot and fix problems?

You need to act now to stop revenue loss, not 4-24h later when the data is available in your reports.

Real-time monitoring

Real-time monitoring is essential.

Dashboards can be fun, but having to spend every evening and weekend refreshing them to ensure everything is working is not.

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If you don't have a monitoring system in place, you rely on customers and your own staff to ensure the shop is working as expected 24/7.
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When bleeding revenue, you can't afford to wait hours or days before taking action. By the time you notice it in your reports, it's too late.
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Natural fluctuations in business are hard to account for when setting up monitoring - you need a tool that adapts to the activity of your shop
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Change Log

Change happens, and you can't always control it.

Plugins, themes, platforms, third party apps, integrations, runtimes, advertising channels - they can be updated at any time, and you're not always in control. How do you deal with it?

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When something breaks the checkout flow, teams often struggle to find the cause. Being on top of changes is half the battle.
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Stoping revenue loss is only possible if you can act quickly when it's happening. Knowing where to look saves precious time.
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You need a central change log that collects all activity around your shop, internal and external.
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Prioritize issues

Everyone has problems. Knowing which to solve first is the key.

How do you know if a problem reported by a customer or staff member is impacting everyone or is just a special case?

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Being able to tell how much revenue are you losing to a problem enables your team to weed out the nitpicks, and focus on real issues.
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Knowing the % of users affected by the problem, and which are the common factors between them helps prioritise and fix faster.
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Technical, marketing and customer support teams have a hard time communicating without a clear indication of urgency and context.
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Be prepared.

Revend helps responsible brands avoid bad surprises, enabling full eCommerce Preparedness.

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"When Revend detected sales declining fast in real-time, we discovered a faulty plugin blocking our customers from buying. Worth the investment!"
“It feels good knowing Revend is watching our store 24/7. It is an extra set of eyes providing backup, preventing me from being buried in dashboards.“
Niels Hoogenhout
Platform manager Newpharma
“Early detection of issues is key to ensure a great shopping experience. That is why Revend's is monitoring multiple Karo Pharma brands.“
Xaveer Rumbaut
Performance marketeer Karo Pharma
“Knowing when and how an issue impacts revenue is a key to long term growth. Revend offers a real-time view other tools lack.“
Dimitri O
Co-founder Loop Earplugs
“Growing a DTC brand means optimising hundreds of metrics. Revend keeps a watchful eye, ensuring we can sleep better at night.“
Vincent Jocquet
Co-founder The French Kiss Club
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