Monitoring that defends e-commerce revenue

Don't lose time in dashboards. Protect your peace of mind with AI-powered, real-time monitoring that detects issues before they impact your revenue. 

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A reliable companion for ambitious webshops

See for yourself if Revend is the right tool for you. These are the three characteristics uniting our users.

You run a DTC or an Omni-channel shop

Whether you are an ambitious solo-entrepreneur or represent a titanic international entreprise, if e-commerce is at your core, Revend is there for you. 

Heaps of data
Your shop generates heaps of Data

If you average more than 100 daily transactions, our AI will receive enough data to build a reliable monitoring model to automatically detect operational issues. 

You are responsible for Protecting revenue

Marketing specialist, analytics leader, eCommerce manager, or founder. If your company looks to you to optimise online revenue, Revend will make your life easier.

Don’t just take our word for it. Hear from our users.

"When Revend detected sales declining fast in real-time, we discovered a faulty plugin blocking our customers from buying. Worth the investment!"
Aschwin Bauwens
Co-founder C&B Holdings
“It feels good knowing Revend is watching our store 24/7. It is an extra set of eyes providing backup, preventing me from being buried in dashboards.“
Niels Hoogenhout
Platform manager Newpharma
“Early detection of issues is key to ensure a great shopping experience. That is why Revend's is monitoring multiple Karo Pharma brands.“
Xaveer Rumbaut
Performance marketeer Karo Pharma
“Knowing when and how an issue impacts revenue is a key to long term growth. Revend offers a real-time view other tools lack.“
Dimitri O
Co-founder Loop Earplugs
“Growing a DTC brand means optimising hundreds of metrics. Revend keeps a watchful eye, ensuring we can sleep better at night.“
Vincent Jocquet
Co-founder The French Kiss Club
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One robust monitoring tool with proven ROI.

The lightweight solution that monitors, visualises, and analyses operational issues in real time, without making you drown in dashboards. Save time. Guaranteed.

AI-Based Monitoring

Stay on top of your KPIs at a glance by monitoring each aspect of your digital commerce operation.

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A self-learning tool that knows what a good or bad hour looks like
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Zero configuration required. Revend automatically adapts to your business
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A one-button feedback mechanism to react to abrupt changes

Detailed detection

Spot issues before they wreak havoc on your advertising budget or cause you to lose revenue.

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Your complete e-commerce funnel is watched in real-time
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Deviations that are statistically and financially significant get flagged
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Slack and Teams integrations  ensure you never miss a notification

Root Cause analysis

Dive deeper into the changes that coincide with detected deviations to analyse, fix, and report issues faster.

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Connections to additional data sources to enrich notifications
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Automated incident tracking to help you prioritise issues
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Generous data retention to track trends and campaigns

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At Revend, we’re on a mission to help e-commerce operators make sense of their business data faster, so they can focus on bringing awesome products to market.

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